The Tulip and the Rose

Empathy | ©Nicoló Urbani
Depression | ©Nicoló Urbani
Back to Life | ©Nicoló Urbani

"The Tulip and the Rose" is a work I did to encourage those who suffer from clinical depression to overcome this disease, and break the shell that keeps them from relating to the world around them.


With these three images I tell a story representing two people, and how they became emotionally connected through the mental health issues of one of the pair.


The Tulip, which is a symbol of true love and hope, represents the person who is suffering from severe depression. However, the Tulip has a really important mate next to it, that is giving it as much emotional support as possible. That is the Rose, which is a symbol of love and passion.

In the first picture the Tulip is withered, as there is no water left in its glass, which means that its hope is fading away. Despite that, it is spiritually supported by the Rose, that is still flowery inside her glass filled with water.

In the second image, the Rose feels a lot of empathy in regards to the Tulip, and it is connecting emotionally to it in a deeper way. The closeness of the Rose to the Tulip allows it to recover from his difficult period, which results in both flowers blooming again. They now continue to live happily together in the same glass filled with hope.

I encourage anyone who is currently suffering from depression to voice their problems to their Roses, namely to the people with whom they are close and can trust. 

It is vital to keep in mind that this has to be done WITHOUT ANY FEAR, as the person whom you speak with is there for you. If you think that there is not a Rose that will understand and support you, please remember that the world if full of them. NEVER keep this inside of you, and talk to whomever you think will help your glass be filled with water again.