Rainy and Foggy Edinburgh

The Sign of a Hotel | ©Nicoló Urbani
Cyclist's Silhouette | ©Nicoló Urbani
Traffic at 6pm | ©Nicoló Urbani
Outside My Building | ©Nicoló Urbani
Intersection | ©Nicoló Urbani
Fountain Park | ©Nicoló Urbani

"Rainy and Foggy Edinburgh" is a small selection of images that I took during a very foggy night in Edinburgh. I was in my bedroom studying for university when, all of a sudden, I turned my head towards the window and I saw nothing outside but faded lights. I live on the seventh floor of a student accommodation, and it felt like being inside a cloud surrounded by a dark sky with nothing around me but dots of light.

immediately grabbed my camera and went downstairs to take pictures. The atmosphere was breathtaking; I had never seen anything like this before! The fog was so dense that I could barely see where I was going. It rained that morning, so the streets were still wet. This gave an additional aesthetic touch to the urban environment!

I set my camera on the tripod right on the sidewalk next to my building, and I took photographs of the lights of the cars and buses passing by. I also captured another street which was empty, together with the buildings around it.

Taking such a break from studying was definitely worth it!