Beyond the Visible | ©Nicoló Urbani
What's Behind? | ©Nicoló Urbani
Picturing a Landscape | ©Nicoló Urbani
The Depth of Time | ©Nicoló Urbani
Up and Below | ©Nicoló Urbani
Back or Forth? | ©Nicoló Urbani

A good part of my work has been influenced by Surrealism in painting. I have always been passionate about art, and have studied a series of famous painters and the movements they took part in. This has helped me by enriching my artistic knowledge, and comparing the art of photography with painting.

One of my biggest influences, visible in some of my works, is the painter René Magritte - one of the exponents of Surrealism. I find his paintings fascinating, since they make what is abstract visible. 

"Reflections" is my first approach to incorporating Surrealism. With it I show how I tend to see what surrounds me in a different way. 

The first image invites the viewers inside my mind, while the rest of them explain what happens with my thought process. 

As you will see with "Through My Mind's Eyes," I usually don't give an explanation to these kind of images, as I want to make the viewers feel free to interpret them as they wish. That's what I like the most about Surrealism, namely to welcome all interpretations and points of view!