Sense Your Memory

 Shadows of a Candle, Hands of a Clock | ©Nicoló Urbani
 Faded Memory of a Vase of Flowers | ©Nicoló Urbani
A Fragrance, a Person | ©Nicoló Urbani
The Luscious Taste | ©Nicoló Urbani
An Immediate Delicate Scent | ©Nicoló Urbani
A Soft Pungent Touch | ©Nicoló Urbani
Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick | ©Nicoló Urbani
A Soft Pillow, a Pleasant Dream | ©Nicoló Urbani

What is it about smells, places, sounds or tastes that takes us back to a specific moment in the past?


With “Sense Your Memory” I explored this idea by demonstrating how human senses are connected to memory, enabling us to travel back in time.

I personally associate this theme to a French novelist called Marcel Proust, especially to one of his literary works entitled "In Search of Lost Time." This novel's major themes are love, art, time, and memory, which are carefully and brilliantly treated throughout the book.

At a certain point of the novel the main character explains how a bite of a madeleine cookie  made him vividly recall a childhood memory of his aunt giving him one before going to mass on a Sunday. Therefore, I wanted to express similar experiences that I have had through a series of surreal images, but by exploring more human senses, instead of focusing only on smell.