Where Am I?

Where | ©Nicoló Urbani
Trees | ©Nicoló Urbani
Am | ©Nicoló Urbani
Sky | ©Nicoló Urbani
I? | ©Nicoló Urbani

"Where am I?" is a narrative about the social aspect of my personality, and how I find nature a remedy to loneliness. I enjoy living most of my life in the company of others, and I barely spend time on my own. 


Although, when this happens, I usually tend to go outside and spend my time in the middle of nature.

I like exploring different places, and resting in the ones that I find particularly peaceful and unique.

When I am there, I develop a connection with the environment, more precisely with nature itself. I feel calm, and at peace with everything that surrounds me. When I am at a park or in a forest, for example, I listen to the sound of the wind, while sunlight passes between the trees’ branches. And above me there is the never ending sky, and its strangely shaped clouds, that have always fascinated me.

Then time goes on, and it is only me and nature. I start to perceive a sense of loss, and picture myself in a parallel world, which makes me see what is around me in a surreal way. I really enjoy this sort of feeling that is evoked by these environments. Consequently, nature becomes my perfect solution to loneliness. In nature I can put all my thoughts on hold, and concentrate on nothing but resting my mind, not fearing being alone.


I took these images in the places in EdinburghI where I usually go for a walk, namely Blackford Hill and Harrison Park. The photographs evoke a sense of disorientation, which is related to both composition, and the technique I used, namely zooming in while photographing with a long exposure.