My name is Nicoló Urbani. 

I was born in Lucca, Italy, a small town in Tuscany. 

Photography has played an increasingly important role in my life.

For me it is the perfect medium for self expression, and for capturing the essence of the subject matter.

My Story

I remember the first picture I took at the age of 14, which inspired me to pursue this passion as a profession. It was a very simple picture of a grasshopper positioned on a windscreen surrounded by silvery rain drops.

From this photograph, taken while on holiday with my family, my ever growing interest in photography began.


In  2015 I took my first photography course in London, where I learned basic techniques relating the camera and postproduction programmes. 

During my last 2 years of high school (2018-2019), I took advanced photography classes in Lucca, which were organised by Photolux - a professional foundation supporting the art of photography. It was there that I presented my first photographic portfolios, including "Reflections."

I am now enjoying my courses at Edinburgh Napier University, which I hope will help me realize my dream of working as a photographer professionally.

Grassohopper Sorrounded By Raindrops | ©Nicoló Urbani